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For those seeking Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in a world class setting, certified Plastic Surgeon, Lawrence Tong MD FACS FRCSC, provides an uncompromising commitment to client service, surgical results, and patient safety. We are Yorkville Institute of Plastic Surgery. We Practise The Art of Beauty.

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18 Jan 2014

6 Months post op

Dr. Tong offered up the highest quality of service and practice from all other surgeons that I had consultations with. He was straightforward and clear about his answers to all my questions and concerns, and was always listening without a rush. The payment options he offers allow anyone to pay under their circumstances to not feel forced to pay a large sum right away. The process of the procedure went very smoothly and the healing came with ease. His staff contacted me regularly to insure that I was improving and answering my every question. Seeing him every few months to see the progress was always exciting. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to look natural yet enhanced to the best they can be.
31 May 2011

Michigan is missing the Best Voted Doctor:Dr. Tong!

Dr. Tong is so and badly missed in Michigan!!!

Canadians,you are so LUCKY to have your Canadian Citizen Doctor Tong back to Toronto from Detroit,Mi.

Dr. Tong has a Gift given as being BORN to be an Artist-Surgeon/Doctor. This man creates and working the scath out of his head on creating you/me/them not only by knowing the knife's technics,but more importantly-LOVING what he does!!!!

When he left Michigan,I had a surgery with another doctor,which was meant to be performed by Dr. Tong.
(I know Dr. Tong for more than 6 years from the 2 referrences that I've been given from 2 of his clients,my friends, who graded him as a Highest score in our area.

I had more than 7 surgeries and procedures with him,all related to my huge weight loss program.And I always was not just satisfied,but completely Happy with the results.However,we are all have to understand as some procedures as a weight loss related issue could be clearly explained as expectation's point. And any Doctor would tell you that there is no way to make it all back to look as perfect as it was lost once. So,I always had PHENOMENAL pre-surgery discussions with dr. Tong and understood the reality. However his results were just AWESOME and more of what I was prepared to after all.
That's why he is Soooo Great!!!!
There are so many octors who are not the best in what they do and some of the results thatI saw over the years with some of my searches via friends and etc.etc., were so scary. It d Took me 3 years to find and be lead to Dr.Tong before I'd agree to any surgery around. After seeing with my own eyes,or I'd better say-Not seeing almost ANY SCAR on some of my friend's bodies(his clients as well) - it shocked me with that fact on how amazing his hands are!!!!And that's how I decided back then to meet up with him for a consultation.
And it was the most rewarding meeting afterwards.

So,when he left and I was impatient(besides,Canadian travel and over board surgical adventirues were very expensive for me to go after it),so I didn't have any choice and a certain time frame then and I underwent the surgery that I planned having with dr.Tong as its original plan.
But he was gone already back to Canada with his family.
And my first time going to a different doctor instead of Dr. Tong turned into a HUGE REGRET,so much money WERE wasted,I got so poor results and worst,the after a post-surgery recovery,which was way longer than I ever had while under Dr. Tong's care- It was very unattentive by that other Doctor's office and was almost like a careless approach.
Kinda like-We did it,you got it-So-Good Luck.

Without Dr. Tong my world of trust to Plastic Surgery and the doctors just failed with me.

As of now,I am saving anything I can, on still being able to come to Toronto and to stick up with the only Doctor that I'm willing to continue with my few procedures that left to be accomplished,of the improvement that I'll only trust within the hands of Dr. Tong

He is not only just a Talented,precisive,hard working creator of a surgeon's artistic eye to anybody's needs not only a well educated doctor, but is absolutely a Soul-open,mind-open,easy going and a very Loving Earthy person.

Highly recommended!!!

Whoever is the next one with Dr. Tong,-you don't realize how Blessed you are to find that Doctor!

Dr.Tong! You are Best voted!
24 Jan 2011

Great rhinoplasty result

Dr. Tong performed my rhinoplasty 1 yr ago. He did a fantastic job. I consulted with many surgeons before choosing him and I am glad I found him. I still get compliments on how good I look. Highly recommended.