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February 16, 2014

I had my breast augmentation done by dr Robert backstein jan. 2014. Anyone who is looking for an amazing surgeon who knows what hes doing go see dr backstein!!! He does not pressure u into doing anything u dont want to do yet he is very honest as to what he thinks would b appropriate for your body. He is very kind, down to earth, and easy to talk to. He is always there to answer any questions or concerns I may have via email, only takes less then an hr to reply! All in all if u are getting a breast augmentation done and are indecisive of who to go to, just gi see this doc!!! You will not regret it!! He really knows how to make beautiful breasts :)
May 2, 2012

Amazing job done by this doctor on my breast augmentation implants. So nice he is treating his patients!
April 15, 2012

UNETHICAL DR. BACKSTEIN: i went to see him for liposuction and he suggested that he could correct abnormal pectorial area by adding fat from my love handles, i agreed and that was my worst mistake in my life. 6 Weeks after the surgery i noticed that the area where he added fat was hard, very hard and sticking outwards, so i went to him and he said keep rubbing them and it will disolve, well its been more that 6 years and the hard lumps are permanent now. I went to see dr. backstein 2 years ago and he said basically to leave and he can't help me, if i wanted his help then i would have to pay another $3000. He has a signed document that protects him from issues like this as per my lawyers advise i can't do anything but to warn others that if you could see what he has done to me you would never hire him, NEVER
May 5, 2011

Dr. Backstein did my breast implants in April. I am completely pleased with the doctor, his staff and best of all the results!!
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