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A specialist in the field of facial and cosmetic surgery since 1985, Dr.William Middleton offers his patients a wide variety of surgical and nonsurgical options to enhance the way they look. "A natural result, that's what I aim for," adds Dr. Middleton, "cosmetic surgery that doesn't leave you looking plastic."

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February 5, 2013

I went to Dr. Middleton 10 years ago. He was nice at the consultation but the day of the surgery he was very cocky and arrogant. When I told him I hope my eyes come out like the picture I showed him last time, he suddenly said, "Look, you can't have it perfect, and if you expect it to be perfect then I'm going to stop this surgery right now!" This is right before my procedure is going to take place and I'm about to pay. Really?? are you serious?? But I was young and didn't know any better and went ahead with the surgery, which I really regret now. My eyes came out asymetrical and the right eye has some droopy skin hanging. I didn't bother going to him for revisional surgery. He probrably was having a bad day and taking it out on me during my surgery. He also did my sister's nose few years prior to my surgery and it came out crooked. She got a revisional surgery done by him and then it turned out much better. I should've taken that as a hint to look elsewhere, but I was stupid. I truly, truly don't recommend him. If you want a caring, compassionate surgeon who really has surgical artistry skills, look elsewhere!!
September 14, 2010

I had my eyelid surgery done with Dr. Middleton in 2000. Overall I am not very happy, he did not even see me after surgery to make sure everything was ok.

I did a facelift with a facial surgeon specialist last year who said that the eyelids done before were not done properly either.
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