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best surgeon in toronto!!!

By: non-member | February 15, 2014

I had my breast augmentation done by dr Robert backstein jan. 2014. Anyone who is looking for an amazing surgeon who knows what hes doing go see dr backstein!!! He does not pressure u into doing anything u dont want to do yet he is very honest as to what he thinks would b appropriate for your body. He is very kind, down to earth, and easy to talk to. He is always there to answer any questions or concerns I may have via email, only takes less then an hr to reply! All in all if u are getting a breast augmentation done and are indecisive of who to go to, just gi see this doc!!! You will not regret it!! He really knows how to make beautiful breasts :)

6 Months post op

By: Davidosh | January 18, 2014

Dr. Tong offered up the highest quality of service and practice from all other surgeons that I had consultations with. He was straightforward and clear about his answers to all my questions and concerns, and was always listening without a rush. The payment options he offers allow anyone to pay under their circumstances to not feel forced to pay a large sum right away. The process of the procedure went very smoothly and the healing came with ease. His staff contacted me regularly to insure that I was improving and answering my every question. Seeing him every few months to see the progress was always exciting. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to look natural yet enhanced to the best they can be.

Great results!

By: non-member | October 3, 2013

I highly recommend Dr. Brown and his staff. I'm very happy with my facelift results even though my recovery was quite lengthy. I was concerned originally by how long the swelling took to go down but after about 5 months, everything kind of "clicked into place". Very happy with the results (whoops, already said that).

Hes pretty good

By: non-member | September 8, 2013

I got some liposuction in my chest with him and he did a pretty good job no more man boobs its been a year since surgery and my left nipple is inverted though and there is a sink where he removed some tissue underneath it. I am going to make my follow up appointment soon but I doubt he would have any problem fixing it. Would rate him 5 but the nipple thing is kinda annoying at the moment. If you got the money go for it hes great at what he does. Look the way you deserve to look.

Dr. Jerome Edelstein

By: non-member | March 12, 2013

Dr. Edelstein performed my breast augmentation in January, 2013. I chose Dr. Edelstein to perform my surgery after speaking with people, reviewing his work on line and as a result of the very positive reviews he has received. I cannot be happier with my decision or my results. Dr. Edelstein is an artist. It is true his technical skills are exceptional, yet it is his artistic eye that sets him apart. If you are looking for natural beautiful looking breasts, Dr. Edelstein is the doctor for you. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I must also give thanks to Louise who helped calm my anxiety over choosing the right size implant. Her experience and patience gave me the guidance and support I needed. It was always a pleasure to deal with Louise and Anita. I look forward to seeing them for my follow-up appointments. DC


By: Lemondrop78 | February 5, 2013

I went to Dr. Middleton 10 years ago. He was nice at the consultation but the day of the surgery he was very cocky and arrogant. When I told him I hope my eyes come out like the picture I showed him last time, he suddenly said, "Look, you can't have it perfect, and if you expect it to be perfect then I'm going to stop this surgery right now!" This is right before my procedure is going to take place and I'm about to pay. Really?? are you serious?? But I was young and didn't know any better and went ahead with the surgery, which I really regret now. My eyes came out asymetrical and the right eye has some droopy skin hanging. I didn't bother going to him for revisional surgery. He probrably was having a bad day and taking it out on me during my surgery. He also did my sister's nose few years prior to my surgery and it came out crooked. She got a revisional surgery done by him and then it turned out much better. I should've taken that as a hint to look elsewhere, but I was stupid. I truly, truly don't recommend him. If you want a caring, compassionate surgeon who really has surgical artistry skills, look elsewhere!!

Excellence in renewing my youthful...

By: non-member | January 31, 2013

After using several other plastic surgeons, I tried Dr. Weinberg and have been 100% thrilled with the results I have achieved in maintaining a youthful appearance.

I love his conservative philosophy of not making you look 'overdone.
When I leave his office nobody knows that I had any cosmetic treatment- but they do notice that I look more youthful, fresh and youthful. People just cannot believe my age anymore.

I am now a 100% believer in Dr. Weinberg and will continue to be a life long client!

My experience with Dr. Starr

By: non-member | August 23, 2012

I had neck liposuction with Dr. Starr in 1999. He said it would be good for about 10 years and he was right. I am experiencing some uneven puckering under my chin. I was not prepared for the amount of post-op pain there was involved. I didn't realize that at the back of the neck that a strip of skin was excised which removed hair too. So where the scar was is now a bald line you can see when I wear a pony tail.My appearance was greatly improved though. I had no complications beyond a feeling of tightness in my throat, which is probably normal. Oh, and a different doctor removed the metal staples from my face and back of my neck after some healing had happened and that was very very painful for me.

Highly recommended

By: non-member | August 15, 2012

I had rhinoplasty 1 year ago today.Best thing I ever did.I would do it again in a heart beat, however only with Dr.Rival.He was and still is so pleasant even at my post op appts.I am so pleased with my new profile,he did an amazing job.I cannot believe the negative comments I have read about him because he just does not seem to be like that.He was pleasant,informative, kind, patient, and a bonus a very handsome man.I loved my new nose even when the cast was on I could see the results.I cannot say enough good about this man,So anyone considering rhinoplasty go to see him.


BOOKED surgery

By: LoveLife | July 19, 2012

I had my consult with Dr solo man and he seems great. Very friendly, I was actually in a rush to get to work but he made sure I had asked all the questions needed. Im booked for surgery in August very excited.

Any one else whose recently got rhino done from him? I have a wide nose and I HATE IT. Cant wait!

Great job by Fairview Cosmetic Surgery

By: sophiebn0 | July 12, 2012

Fairview Cosmetic Laser Clinic Inc, Toronto has done a great job on my eyelids. I no longer have those loose and droopy eyes which made me appear older than I was. The surgery removed the fatty tissues of the upper eyelids and skin is tightened making my eyes appear fresh and awake.
Being the first time to undergo a surgery, I was worried about the risks and post operative discomforts. However, the surgeons at Fairview Laser Clinic Inc offered great relief with their valuable presence and service whenever I needed care and support. I was never left unanswered. They considered my requests respectfully and made me feel comfortable and confident prior to surgery.
The eyelid surgery was performed under local anesthesia. It took only half an hour to complete. The prescriptions that were given to me lessened the discomforts. It was a real surprise when the eye pad was removed. My eyes were looking cool! Initially, there was swelling and redness on the eyelids, but it disappeared over time.
The new eyes improved my looks as well my sight. I am very happy with the eyelid surgery. So I would definitely recommend this clinic for an eyelid surgery.

Dentistry in toronto

By: non-member | February 17, 2012

Having complications or throat discomfort not only generates some unpleasant discomfort, it can also lead to overdue tired days, a self confidence that can is regularly disturbed, and in many serious situations, known discomfort to the back, hands, back, hands and more. In some situations a dental professional can provide comfort.
Dentistry in toronto

totally worth it!

By: donnach | December 11, 2011

I wanted breast implants and had some free consultations first. I went to one surgeon and he saw me for a second and had me watch movies, and at another place I only saw a nurse (!). When I saw Dr. Kreidstein he spent an hour with me, and I even went for a second visit right before surgery to change sizes, and it was never a problem. I have a beautiful result, and will probably go back to do my tummy. He also took off some moles for free. Staff are great too. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Marc DuPere

By: non-member | August 19, 2011

Dr. DuPere can be found at the Ageless Clinic in north Richmond Hill. He's a very talented plastic cosmetic surgeon who with the use of Botox and fillers, has refreshed my face and I now look as healthy on the outside as I feel on the inside. This is the surgeon you can trust completely. Several friends are also clients there and we are very happy with our results. Ageless Clinic is the place to go for everything to do with beautiful skin and beautiful faces and bodies for both men and women. They do amazing work!

Domestic Engineer

By: non-member | August 8, 2011

My experience at the Age-Less Clinic was exactly what I wanted. Dr. DuPere and the staff are honest, friendly and my results are extremely natural looking. The skin care Obagi which they recommended actually works! The botox and fillers are just right. I do not have duck lips! This is a clinic I am recommending to all my friends!

i am very happy and dr judah is an...

By: non-member | December 8, 2009

dr judah and his staff are amazing caring dr judah is one of the best doctors he does 1000 percent always and i am a very happy i trust dr judah with my eyes closed he is one of the best that s all i camm him always my angel he is making a big difference in my life and am blessed he is my doctor